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Standing For Peace In Difficult Times

The European war drags on. And this is not the mere passage of time – it is the death and destruction that each day brings, alongside the terrifying risk of spread and escalation, which could involve not only nuclear disaster but a fatal postponement of a unified global effort to check climate collapse. We call on the leadership of the major world powers to put their backs into promoting negotiations for a cease-fire and for peace. We call on our political leaders in Scotland to set an example and take a clear stance for a peaceful resolution, and we call on peace-loving people everywhere to do whatever they can to push the currently unfashionable peace agenda into public discussion. As well as the loss of life, the trauma, deprivation and the massive civil disruption, the war is having a very bad effect on our discourse and attitudes, replacing a wish for a just accountability with a mere lust for revenge and enhancing old and poisonous national stereotypes. We continue to offer an ongoing conversation through our project, and invite enquires and contributions about ‘Standing For Peace In Difficult Times’.


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