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The wonderful Karine Polwart has offered us a chanceto auction for you to host her at a house concert in your own home!

Artists, musicians, and enthusiasts alike, here's your chance to be the Mozart or the Van Gogh of fundraising whether you can offer a Picasso-esque painting, a groovy vinyl record, or even your finest ocarina. You can sashay in with your offerings on the day, or play it cool and arrange it beforehand. Just don't forget to hit the button below and let us know, so we can let everyone know about your masterpiece! Our own artistic consultant, Keith Paton, led the way, generously parting with not one, not two, but three of his fantastic paintings for the cause of Palestine. His work has caused quite the stir in WandA and beyond. Douglas Robertson, our auctioneer extraordinaire (weel kent from Soundhouse), will be the one swinging the hammer and as well as Karine’s special offer, we've got a line-up featuring the likes of Justine Blair, Julia Fowler, Adam Holmes, Jen Austin, Margaret Fergusson Burns - and a surprise donation from the Scayles Music shop. But there isroom for plenty more. Pledge (include a photo if poss) your work with an email or a pm and keep your eyes peeled on our socials! Mark your calendars for Sunday, 3rd March at 6.00pm.

Come for the art, stay for the chai and refreshments (donation-based of course), courtesy of Margaret who's just returned from a stint in a refugee kitchen in Calais. It's a date!


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