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24th February - solidarity with the people of Ukraine

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

On the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine, Scottish CND, Peace & Justice Scotland and Secure Scotland are calling for a repeat of the lining of Princes Street in solidarity with the people of Ukraine that we did last year. Lynn Jamieson, Chair of Scottish CND called on CAAT, SWILPF, Medact Scotland, peace-climate groups, Quakers and other faith groups, and everyone who opposes this terrible war to join this action.

The date is 24th February and the time to be there is from 4.30-6.30, fanning out from a gathering point at the bottom of Castle street. Protest in Harmony has been invited to add music. Everyone is encouraged to bring signs and candles to light at 5.30.

Trade Union, Scottish CND and Cuba Solidarity activist Arthur West added to Lynn’s message, writing that “The wider peace movement groups should be focussed on calling for negotiations to end this dreadful war, and highlight the dangers of nuclear weapons which have come to the fore during it, also what the war means for arms manufacturers and the US shale gas industry who all making profits from wars. A clear anti-war message is the most urgent for the wider peace movement in terms of public activity.”

P & J Scotland supported the demo last year and calls on its members and supporters to become better allies to those experiencing violence and oppression and to stand up against pervasive militarism.

Secure Scotland points out that there is no tidy end-game when Ukraine regains some territory, adding that we need to be fully aware that the global challenges facing us all require genuine peace-building and that in addition to the people of Ukraine, we must support Russians who are continuing to protest their government’s war -see the Quaker ‘Friends House Moscow’ Facebook page and website.

Scottish WILPF supports this gathering as part of WILPF’s support for Ukrainian women activists, demanding action from the UN Security Council to take steps to immediately de-escalate and seek people-centred solutions for peace.


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