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Murray Dickie


Murray Dickie

I  spent the bulk of my career working for a Scottish local authority  where my principal role was supporting staff through the process of  implementing change. Retiring early, I spent some time in the private  sector, followed by several years working for the NHS, again centred  around supporting the implementation of change. From an early stage I  was involved in voluntary activities, including encouraging equality,  promoting community engagements, supporting local politics, developing  interest in the local environment and, most recently, supporting  individuals in financial crisis.

Reflecting  on more than half a century of life,  work and volunteering  in  Scotland, I have come to appreciate that change was most often defined  by a small number of individuals at the “centre”, who expected  implementation to be undertaken at little cost by staff and volunteers  already committed to supporting the status quo. At best individuals and  the community might be consulted but examples of effective engagement  were rare. More recently, I have begun to examine the priorities which  we have as a nation, particularly in terms of what we mean by  “security”. Over the past decade there has been a trend to see  “security” as a response to external threats. Listening to friends and  fellow citizens, particularly those in less well-off circumstances, I  hear different, more personal concerns.

The  philosophy of Secure Scotland seemed to me to reflect the views I am  hearing from ordinary people and I want to support its activities and  development. The current Covid-19 crisis epitomises for me the gulf  between the “centre” and the general population and the tensions which  exist within our society. The difficulties we are experiencing are not  just the result of this pandemic but are rooted in the priorities which  governments and institutions have had over decades. As a nation we need  to deal with the present crisis, but also need to take the opportunity  to redefine what it is we mean by a secure society and reset our  national priorities.

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