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Gari Donn

Core Group

Gari Donn

It was an article in TIME magazine that started my journey to being on the Secure Scotland Project and a member of the Core Team.  Many many years ago, in my first lecturing position I had the unenviable task of teaching General Studies to City and Guilds Year 4 electricians.  Weeks of classes had elapsed with total engagement - but not the sort required in an educational institution.   Then along came the article on nuclear energy and a light bulb moment!  Well it was for me...

That article led to finding out about nuclear energy, doing a PhD on the Rationales for Nuclear Energy and then working on a project on nuclear weapons decision making.  A slight detour took me to an academic post at Edinburgh University lecturing in education policy ('If I can research nuclear weapons decision making, I can research and teach education decision making' was the thinking!).   Throughout, by being a member of the  UNAssociation Scotland, I maintained my interest in the UN especially in relation to disarmament, non proliferation and Treaty making/implementation.  And here we are!

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