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Standing For Peace in Difficult Times

Standing For Peace in Difficult Times

Standing For Peace in Difficult Times is a Secure Scotland project which aims to support individuals and communities in reflection and action for peace, especially at a time when the Russian invasion of Ukraine has made it difficult and unfashionable to stress the need for a peaceful resolution.

The Ukraine situation gave fresh confidence to the hawks and the militarists at a time when it should be clear that our future security depends above all on real trans-global co-operation in order to respond to the existential crises we face.

The project has three strands. One is to provide safe spaces for people to meet and talk about how the war may be ended. Two is to host public meetings (one online and one in person) have already taken place and a third is in the pipeline – watch this space or go to the ‘find out more’ link on the page. The third strand is to engage where we can in advocacy for peace at parliament level. We facilitated input from Professor Paul Rogers to the Scottish Parliament Cross-party Group on Nuclear Disarmament on UN International Peace Day in September 2022, and in January this year we organised a briefing with Scottish WILPF for their Parliamentary members on the Irish Political Declaration on use of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas, and we arranged input to interested Members of the Scottish Parliament on UN PeaceKeeping and Irish Neutrality from Irish Senator Tom Clonan in March of this year. We regularly raise these issues via our social media.

If you, or a community that you are part of would like to engage with Standing for Peace do get in touch by email.

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