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Freedom Come All Ye

Freedom Come All Ye

The Freedom Come-All-Ye Project is Secure Scotland’s plan to create a freedom come-all-ye for the twenty first century. For many Scots, the term Come All Ye is the name given to song that acts as a rallying cry for social change.

Hamish Henderson’s Freedom Come-All-Ye was sung on Clydeside 60s nuclear protest marches, Its tune tugged the heartstrings and its clear message remains a key text for Secure Scotland in exploring Scottish culture, history and our changing relationship with it.

Hear Karine Polwart sing it, and explore the words in the video below.

A leaflet provides more details for individuals and communities, some geographic, and some of interest, who can respond to a verse, a phrase or the entire song, using any choice of arts medium for their positive aspirations for Scotland’s security today.

With support from the Scottish Poetry Library, Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland (based at the Story telling Centre in Edinburgh) and others, Secure Scotlan will support and facilitate participants, helping to locate arts practioners, or venues and other support throughout the period that the work takes, and we aim to build community between groups with different concerns and shared values. We will launch the project formally on National Poetry Day, 5th October and the main work will culminate with an exhibition, film or presentation in spring 2024.

If you, or a community that you are part of would like to contribute to this imaginative and diverse message of possibility and hope, please get in touch by email.

“Freedom Come All Ye” performed by Karine Polwart in The Italian Chapel, Orkney August 2013.

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