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Open call for contributions - 'The Scottish Degrowth Commission

Open call for contributions - 'The Scottish Degrowth Commission: work, livelihoods and a just transition’

Supported by Enough!, Svenja Meyerricks and Ewan Mackenzie are hosting a sub-theme session at the joint conference of the International Degrowth Research Network and the International Society for Ecological Economics on 5th – 8th July 2021.

‘The Scottish Degrowth Commission’ is a panel discussion to explore how degrowth ideas and practices can influence ideas to restore people’s work and livelihoods in Scotland in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic fallout. The concept of a ‘just transition’, used by climate justice campaigns in relation to the pandemic and its aftermath, is useful when considering ways forward to restore and reconfigure people’s livelihoods by redistributing work and shifting industries towards those compatible with ecological restoration and zero carbon practices. We will invite contributors to imagine joining a ‘Scottish Degrowth Commission’ to critique the premises used by the Scottish Government’s Growth Commission, and to explore topics in relation to degrowth and a ‘just’ transition in Scotland, such as:

What is essential work and how do we make it fair, ecologically sustainable and


The Scottish independence movement and lessons for degrowth: What have we

learned? What’s left to learn?

Don’t make Scotland great again - make it good enough! Sufficiency, sustaining

livelihoods and post pandemic futures

Indigenous livelihoods and post-development: crofting and food sovereignty

Brexit and its challenges for migrant workers

Feminist economies: care work, decolonisation, intersectionality and the future of


Resisting authoritarianism, building collectives and cooperatives

Decentralisation, bioregionalism and (agro-)ecologies of the land

Learning from post-industrial communities

See our open call for contributions for more information.

Each presenter will be funded by Enough! to cover the conference fees in order to attend the online conference.


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