Janet Fenton


I think probably the most important things about me are that I am a feminist, a Quaker and a parent. I’m also an internationalist and I am Scottish through and through, apart from the Irish bit. I know that we can’t be safe without ensuring that we keep everyone safe. In the early years of Scottish devolution, I worked with Scotland’s for Peace, developing and consolidating a network of civil society organisations to lobby for a peace agenda within the Scottish Government and Parliament. In the run up to the independence referendum it was clear to me that a lot of people in Scotland were, for maybe the first time ever, wondering what it might be like to consider how a country might decide to do things if they were starting from scratch. As someone with a background in the arts and theatre, I’ve always been aware of the power of visioning for delivering change and my lifelong commitment to nuclear disarmament and the United Nations process has informed a lot of my decisions. How we name things is critical and I know that this is the time that we could really make a big change by speaking truth to power. Secure Scotland is part of a movement that attempts to do that.

food security – wellbeing economy – peace education – violence reduction  - land reform

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