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Here is a selection of Videos The first one is from Rethinking Security, the UK wide network that inspired us. It is a great introduction to opening up the conversation.




This video is about food security. Food is fundamental to our security, and this video comes from Nourish Scotland, working with the Human Rights Commission. You can WATCH HERE


Source, Scottish news reporters, reporting on an idea to eradicate poverty. WATCH HERE and for a longer very interesting video in more depth on the history and development of these ideas,  WATCH HERE


The recent pandemic has really underscored the dependence on an economy that is not able to do the job when it comes to sharing resources and keeping people safe. But there are different possibilities. WATCH HERE


Is violence in society a symptom or a disease? Here is some news about how Scotland can address it WATCH HERE


Most people in Scotland are aware of The Baby Box, an initiative that ensures that every child born in Scotland starts out with the basic things they need, (essential if you want to make a country a secure place to be born) Maybe only some of us are aware that books are one of the essentials in the box. Here’s the story from the Scottish Book Trust! WATCH HERE


These are all intended to introduce some of what can add up to Secure Scotland.

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