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Catherine Holmes


Catherine Holmes

I’ve been based in Glasgow since coming to study human geography at Strathclyde in 2011, in part following my interest in folk music to a city with a vibrant arts scene. During my undergrad I became interested in issues surrounding migration and asylum, volunteering with the Scottish Refugee Council. I currently work at Milk Café, a social enterprise in the city’s southside which for half a decade now has provided a safe and welcoming space for local and migrant women to meet, exchange and learn together.

While undertaking a Masters of Research I developed interests in land justice and community gardening which have since coalesced through my involvement in the International Green Academy. Based at the University of Glasgow, the project looks at how working with young people in school gardens can empower and transform feelings around issues such as climate change, food security and environmental justice.

My background in human geography has made me passionate about thinking through the ways that seemingly disparate processes affect each other, and I think this is so central to a peace agenda for Scotland. I’m inspired by the prospect of a country where justice is pursued beyond the satisfaction of basic needs, where we think creatively about what we want Scotland to be - not only for ourselves but on the global stage. An environmentally responsible, economically just and socially progressive nation with its arms wide open.

I’ve joined the team to work on the podcast because I have an interest in making these big ideas accessible and exciting. I think it’s really important that while our reasoning remains rigorous, we leave space for thinking emotionally and collaboratively in our problem solving. These are issues which should move us, hopefully in the direction of a brighter, safer future.

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