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Caroline Uchima

Core Group

Caroline Uchima

Caroline Uchima is the Director of Allanton Peace Sanctuary in South West Scotland.  The Sanctuary is part of a worldwide organization, May Peace Prevail on Earth International.   It is simply all in the name, and the purpose of the organization is to spread the message of peace, hope, unity in diversity, and respect for all spiritual paths and Nature.

The movement started in Japan after the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and has since spread throughout the world to network and collaborate in this global rise in the desire to create a secure and peaceful environment for all of the Human Family and the Earth.

In this time of great change throughout the world, a great opportunity to create a new model for society is emerging.  This is germinating and growing at the grassroots level,  in our communities, our education systems, our business models, and  the drive towards fair and just working rights for all, and has to also be present at a policy level in government.

There are many wonderful initiatives in Scotland, (as there are throughout the world), and the time has come for us all to work collaboratively and generously for the good of all our citizens.   I support Secure Scotland because it offers a platform for sharing and voicing  our visions of how we all want our country to be.  A place that is safe for everyone, so that we can all work towards fulfilling our potential as local and global citizens, and become a model country and state that can be emulated around the world as a template for a sustainable, safe and just society.

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